Peruvian-austrian artist, *1984 in Germany
Currently based in Hannover, Germany

My artistic practice is based on photographic image and its represantative functions, the subjects mostly center on the gesture of displaying. Hence, my works often refer to the mediation of knowledge, culture and the context of science, while they deal with mundane topics. The examination of the trivial opens wider contexts of historic, economic and social conditions that shape our present. In this context everyday objects, cultural practices, language and artifacts in a wider sense serve as proxies for abstract concepts of culture and identity. In order to turn those interrelations perceptible for the viewer my works make use of the photographic image and its documentary and staging qualities as equal and concurrent layers. While media-reflexive aspects remain underlying, my work is rather about providing space for enquiries than trying to give answers through claims to reality. By creating frames of references using both still and moving images my site-specific installations, video works and books try to question our concepts of reality as constructs of a binary and hierarchic system. Arranging but also broading those networks of connotations, my works implement spatial and temporal aspects, sound, text and materials.

I like to think of my works as photographic spaces that create alternative possibilities of reality by questioning the viewer’s visual mind set. Thus, my work deals with our relation towards the photographic image, the depicted and its perception.


2013 - 2018   MA Photography Studies and Practice, Folkwang University of the Arts Essen, GER
2015 - 2016   Research and study trips in Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Chile, Brazil
           2015   Masterclass Contemporary Photography, Centro de la Imagen Lima, PE
2006 - 2011   BA Scenography and Costume, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, GER
2004 - 2005   Philosophy, Gender Studies, Economic/Social Studies, Georg-August-University Goettingen, GER


2019   Individual Artistic Development, project funding by the Federal Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, GER
2018   Individual Artistic Development, research grant by the Federal Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, GER
           Project Funding, The Society of Friends & Sponsors of the Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, GER
           Deutschlandstipendium, scholarship by the Federal Government of Germany, GER
2017   Folkwang Prize 2017, Nomination, Folkwang University of the Arts Essen, GER


2020   Open Studios, Kulturetage Ihmezentrum, Hannover, GER
2019   Made in..., Kunsthaus Essen, GER
2018   Folkwang Finale, Sanaa Building, Zollverein Essen, GER
           International Young Photographers, Daegu Photo Biennale 2018, Daeguart Factory, Daegu, KOR
           VideoScreening, Rundgang 2018, Zollverein Essen, GER
           Touch, Raum Z13 Essen, GER (solo)
            Photoprojekte Bauschau 2007-2018, Baustelle Schaustelle Duesseldorf, Photo Duesseldorf, GER
           You there, us here, W-10 Gallery FIU Miami, USA
2017   LIQUID LAYERS même l’eau a l’air fausse, Galerie52 Essen, GER (solo)
            Before Miami, Baustelle Schaustelle Essen, GER
           Folkwang Preis 2017, Sanaa Building Zollverein, Essen, GER
           Stopover, UG im Folkwang, Museum Folkwang, Essen, GER
2014   Rundgang Fotografie, Auktionshaus Schützenbahn, Essen, GER
           Krisen des Sichtbaren, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, GER
2011   ...können wir das bitte sehen?, Ballhof, Hannover, GER
2010   Vol. 10, Seilbahn Expo Plaza, Hannover, GER

Publication Contributions

2018   Encounter V History of Photography in Daegu, International Young Photographers Exhibition, Photo Artists
            Society of Korea: Photography Exhibition, Fringe Photo Festival, Galleries Association of Daegu: Special
            Photography Exhibition, catalogue, Daegu Photo Biennale 2018, Daegu, KOR
           International Young Photography Exhibition, catalogue, Daegu Photo Biennale 2018, Daegu, KOR
2017   Stopover, brochure, UG im Folkwang, Museum Folkwang Essen, GER
           Irgend, artist's book, hand-made, Essen, GER
2014   Schöne neue Welt, HANT Magazine for Photography, No. 04, Erfurt, GER
           Folkwang UdK, brochure, Photokina Academy 2014, Cologne, GER


2020   Über weites Wasser, Flusser Studies 29 – 2020 / Centennial Three-Part Issue,
2018   Ein fotografischer Körper? Aktivität und Passivität eines theoretischen Objekts. MA thesis, Folkwang
           University of the Arts Essen, GER

Activities and Collaborations

2017 / 18  Student council, appointment process, Photography & Time-Based Media,
                  Folkwang University Essen, GER
2017  - 18  Collaborator, Baustelle Schaustelle Space for Young Art Essen / Duesseldorf, GER
        2013  Scenography (with Mona Lühring), Playground Love, motion picture, directed by Nils Loof, GER
2009 / 10  Scenography and Costume, Disco Pigs, role play by Enda Walsh, directed by Titus Georgi, Studio
                  Theatre, Hannover, GER